Become a Travel Expert with These Fantastic Websites

When planning to travel, people turn to travel websites and blogs to find inspiration for their itinerary and activities. Since the world has become a global village with people changing countries and continents daily, the Internet has experienced a great boom in travel websites that can be categorized according to individual preferences.  Here are the websites that would best prepare you for your next journey.

1.   TripAdvisor

This is website number 1 when it comes to travel planning.  It provides you with reviews of other tourists who have already visited the places you plan to check out. It has a ranking option for each tourist and historical site, accommodation, restaurant, and others. Furthermore, you can compare prices and book tickets for famous tourist places on your itinerary.

2.   Trover

Trover has become a Bible for travel bloggers. If you are sick and tired of monotonous, neutral travel guides and want to hear someone’s personal experience, Trover is the website you want to check out. Travel bloggers also post a lot of photos on their Trover accounts, so you can observe and sense your favourite destination from a completely different view.

3.   Booking

Booking is all about accommodation. If you are up to staying in a hotel or some luxury apartment, Booking is there to provide you with vacancies and to show you prices. The good thing about Booking is that it gives you some special offers at certain periods, so you can save up some money if you follow its directions. Another useful point is that it provides you with practical information about your accommodation: how far it is from the bus and metro stops, how far it is from the city center and main checkpoints, as well as the vicinity of the airport and the facilities it offers.

4.   HolidayPirates

HolidayPirates offer you special deals for flights and holidays all around the world. The advantage of using this site is that you can look up complete travel packages (flights, transfers, accommodations, tours) and balance your budget. There is also a blog on tips and tricks on safe travel, the latest info about coronavirus, all-inclusive holiday deals, and many more.

5.   The Flight Deal

Here is the website that will save you money when it comes to flights. It can find numerous hidden deals and last-minute offers. Since the airplane fares are fluctuating all the time, the Flight Deal is there to secure your price.