Bike Boom for Healthier Planet

Bikes experienced a great boom in the last couple of years, and this trend does not apply only to countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, and China where transportation by bikes had been already popular. The ease of use, the time you need to get to your destination, the fact that people of all ages (from 7 to 77) can ride a bike – all of these benefits have urged people to turn to bikes as the main means of transportation. Bikes also represent a nice solution for countries’ governments to support public transport that can be cheaper and more effective than other kinds of transportation. These are the main reasons bikes have become popular again, and we give you space to put these ideas into consideration.

Bikes to fight the pandemics

Small enclosed spaces with a great number of circulating people  like buses, metros, and trains are unfortunately the quickest way to catch coronavirus. People live in enormous cities with a large citizen density, and bikes are an elegant solution for moving quickly around town and for avoiding a fast transmission of the virus. Another advantage of bikes is that you can choose your own path from point A to point B, and you can avoid junctions and corners crowded with people.

Cheap to buy, cheap to rent, and cheap to maintain

Another advantage of using bikes on a daily basis is that you do not need any license or official permits for their use. They are cheap and practical to maintain, unlike cars and buses for which you need a license to drive and an official registration that includes license plates. Bikes simply do not include a long legislation procedure like other vehicles, which saves your time, your budget, and your energy. Even if you want to rent a bike, it costs less money than to rent a car.

Less pollution and less heavy traffic

You do not need gas to ride a bike, and therefore you do not emit any toxic gasses which can pollute the air. That is why many big cities like Amsterdam and Taipei encourage people to rent bikes as their main means of transportation. The encouragement does not come only through cheap bike rental, but also through defined bike tracks and practical constructions where you can park your bike. In that way, bike riders relieve traffic congestion which causes accidents, noise, and impatience.

Staying physically fit and taking care of your lungs

Riding a bike is a good cardio exercise that brings about your complete well-being. It takes care of your spine, your six-packs, leg and arms muscles, as well as your posture. Movement coordination and balance are additional benefits of this physical exercise, as well as the maintenance of your lungs. The more you ride a bike, the wider your lungs become, which brings in more oxygen than usual.

Bikes help you build a new, healthier lifestyle

Since you spend your time more in the open space when riding a bike, it enhances a completely different approach to life. It makes you fully engaged in the environment you are passing by, it brings your eyes a rest and some time away from digital screens, it builds up your stamina and physical condition daily. Therefore, it is a nice habit that wears off the bad habits we have picked up during the pandemics and brings about other healthy habits which make you fully alive.