Commuting to a Healthier Environment – Bus or Car?

Due to the popularization of the urban lifestyle, cities all around the world have become overcrowded with people. People commute more frequently than they used to on a daily basis for various reasons. The problem of heavy traffic is present in almost every city since people feel more comfortable and practical when moving around in a city by car. The hectic way of life brings about more stress when you get stuck in traffic or when you cannot find a parking spot. Taking into consideration long-term prospects on environmental sustainability, are the cars really that necessary? Should you consider the bus as the main means of transportation? The following lines try to answer these questions.

If you take a bus instead of driving in a car, you reduce gas emissions on a global level

This statement is pretty straightforward. More vehicles on the streets mean more gas emissions which deteriorate the air quality. If you decide to take a bus instead of a car, there would be one vehicle less on the roads polluting the air and emitting carbon dioxide. You cannot make an impact if you do that from time to time, but if you keep to your decision for a longer period, you will certainly make a significant difference.

Not enough parking spaces

With the greater production in the car industry, the number of cars in the cities is rising every day. Most of the cities cannot meet the overwhelming needs of drivers to park their cars in appropriate spots. That is why many drivers park their cars in spaces that are not intended for parking – green surfaces, pavements, private properties, and many more. All of that can deteriorate the environmental state. On the other hand, when you take a bus, you do not need to take care of the parking spot and therefore you do make a positive change in keeping the environment untouched.

Cars as time-savers on the surface

People who commute by car on a daily basis have a false illusion that they will get to their destination faster and therefore they can save time. The truth is, the drivers can easily get into congestion, or lose more time when trying to find a parking spot. All of these facts raise the stress level among residents, who definitely cannot think about the environment in that emotional state. Therefore, public transport may appear as a slower solution, yet there will be less congestion, noise, and inappropriately parked cars which adds to the easier flow and emotional state of people.

Use buses to save money

The cruel truth is that cars definitely represent ‘a necessary luxury’. And that is the typical consumer path of capitalism which ruins the environment on every single level.  It’s not news that when you maintain your car, it is like you put away money for a member of a family. Your money goes to the industry which deteriorates the environmental state. When it comes to buses, the bus monthly fares are way cheaper than gas, parking, annual registration, tires, and others.