Conscious People Means Thankful Environment

Environmental issues like pollution, climate change, and ozone holes have been accelerated in the last couple of years by general human carelessness. Everyone can argue that the consequences can be felt in the quality of the air, the rise in the number of dumping grounds, as well as in the lack of clean drinking water. Although mainly developed countries are able to cope with these global problems, it is up to every individual to do their best to help the sustainability of the planet’s ecosystems. If you think that you alone cannot do anything about it, here are some statements that will make you think twice.

Deforestation causes the majority of respiratory problems

Forests are the lungs of the Earth, since they produce the major percentage of oxygen. People need oxygen for better breathing and for improved health generally speaking. It is said that two mature trees can produce enough oxygen for the family of four on an annual basis. If there is not enough oxygen, your life expectancy can appear shorter than the life expectancy of your ancestors. Deforestation also brings about a higher percentage of humidity, which further deteriorates your health.

Air pollution and gas emissions make ozone holes bigger

Ozone layer protects us from the destructive sun rays which can further affect our health. Gas emissions enlarge ozone holes, and therefore ultraviolet and infra-red rays are stronger than they should be. These sorts of rays can cause health problems like premature aging of the skin, skin cancer, swelling and blindness. These rays are a lot stronger than they used to be at the beginning of the 21st century.

Climate changes put many species at risk of extinction

The planet Earth functions as a unique ecosystem where all the living beings, plants and microorganisms are mutually connected. Their survival is put into question if the climate conditions change fast. If some parts of that chain are gone forever, it is only a matter of time when the human species becomes extinct. Bees are the perfect example of how even the tiniest link in this chain is crucial. If there are no bees, the trees and plants wouldn’t get enough pollen to produce fruits and oxygen. There wouldn’t be fruits, vegetables and spices anymore.  If that happens, other animals wouldn’t function normally, which would further lead to the tough survival of human species.

Drinking water is not available to all people

This is an alarm that one day clear water will be available only in plastic bottles, which is not the happiest of solutions. Clear water can stay impeccable for some time within a plastic bottle, and after a while the plastic usually emits toxins by its very structure. Water is necessary for normal functioning, and we do not need more toxins coming from plastic bottles.