Outstanding NYC Subway Apps for Moving Around the City

In a city as big as New York, taking the subway as your main means of transport is a necessity. Since NYC does remember a real ‘concrete jungle’, the subway network map can also appear a bit confusing from time to time. The app creators saw their opportunity to meet the needs of the commuters, and try to make the apps that will be as accurate as possible to make your subway commuting more pleasant. There are different apps that can help you on your way throughout NYC, and here come the ones you should definitely check out.


This is a free app that is available both to Android and iPhone users. It is a comprehensive app that does not refer only to subway and bus schedules, but also to non-MTA commuter rail lines, Citi Bike, NYC Ferry, and Car2Go. In that way, you can simply find the fastest and shortest way to your final destination which doesn’t often include only the subway. The app also lists the ticket fares, as well as specific weather conditions for certain sections.


Transit is also free for iPhone and Android users and shows you the real-time schedule of buses and trains. It has a clean interface that transparently shows all the information you need. If it happens that you miss the bus or the train you planned, Transit is there to find subsequent subways or buses to reach your final destination. It also includes other means of transportation, like Citi Bike, commuter rail, and others.

Google Maps

An inseparable app of any android phone or iPhone can be actually a nice tool to plan your subway itinerary. It firstly takes into account your most frequently visited points, such as your home and working place, and finds the shortest route, as well as the time you need for commuting by each means of transport. Google Maps also updates you on delays on your usual everyday routes. It seems that this app also includes other details which can mean a lot at certain points: walking and the number of stops between two destinations.


Moovit is pretty similar to other comprehensive apps on the list. It follows the real-time schedule, informs you about the buses and trains that vary from the official schedule, and covers several means of public transport. A useful feature that Moovit possesses is that it collaborates with Be My Eyes, thus providing blind and visually-impaired people to move around the city.

Exit Strategy

This app costs $3.99, and you can use it only if you possess an iPhone. It is specifically designed to show you where the nearest exit is from your standing point on a subway platform. It saves your time especially when the subway station possesses only one exit.


Rampd is a free app that updates you on the information about elevators and escalators in the subway. Since many people rely on them to save time and to find a shortcut, it is not a surprise that they break down from time to time, which can be an unpleasant surprise when you are in a hurry. It presents you with the stations possessing elevators or escalators, or simply the stations where they are in service.