The Basic Shade Palette of Web Designs

With the development of technology and numerous software packages used worldwide, there comes a bunch of different web designs which can be found on the Internet. Since the requirements of website owners can vary and grow, web designs should meet the essential needs of the primary idea of the website – whether it is for selling products, offering services, private business, personal blog, and many more. Moreover, the web design of your site should also meet the needs of your visitors and potential customers, so you have to be careful when organizing and maintaining your website. The proposed web designs are the most common types which you can bump into when surfing the Internet.


The homepage websites are the center of your online activity and serve as a welcoming and introducing page of the brand you like to promote. It directs your visitors to the more specified sections of your web page, and it is important to develop a good navigation system for the visitors to keep the thread of their steps. Furthermore, the crucial part of your homepage is to emphasize the main points of your presence on the Internet, and these points should attract visitors of the same or similar interest. It is recommended to establish an adequate logo and to add it to your homepage so that you can make your brand and your website memorable.

Magazine websites

This type of web design has an informative and educational role since it looks like an online catalog or newspaper with a series of articles, videos, photos, comics, and other magazine features. If you are passionate about writing articles on certain topics or need an online space for your university publications, magazine websites are a perfect choice for you. This is also a nice and practical solution if you want to avoid printing on paper and having your work enslaved by some publishing house. In this way, your articles are available to a wider audience and offer quick access. Build the basic framework for a start, and be thorough with the layout and navigation of the articles – they should apply to the same form.

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites are useful if you want to sell products or to offer your services so the customers can purchase them directly from your website. You should keep in mind the options to filter the products by category, to leave a space for sales and special offers, as well as to provide transparent bits of information about all the items. Photos and videos should be clear and present your product or service from several different perspectives. It is also recommended to include a tiny browser that can list the items by keywords. Good starting points for your e-commerce site are platforms like Shopify or Squarespace.


Blogs are similar to magazine websites, yet they make a more personal, informal impression. The experts warn blogs can be tricky if you want to get recognized in the first place – in the beginning, it is more practical to be present on social media with photos, videos, and different posts, and to start a blog that would give your brand a note of credibility afterward. It is common for large companies to have their blogs, which keep their followers and customers interested and updated.  The interconnection between your social media profiles and blog can leave an impression of innovative work and a professional approach.