The Latest Breakthroughs in Solar Technology

The 21st century has been marked by many technological revolutions, including the ones in pursuing renewable sources of energy. People turn to solar technology as the main energetic source, since it is more economical, cheaper, and above all eco-friendly. Maybe the biggest surprise is that the prices of solar energy facilities have dropped drastically since 2010, even though the number of users has been growing each day. Today, the solar industry is introduced in almost all sectors – residential, industrial, and commercial. Here are the latest solar trends which have emerged. 

Solar PV Panels 

The prototype of these panels has been developed in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It reached 47% of efficiency under the lab conditions and almost 40% of efficiency under the field conditions. These figures add to the affordability of the PV panels, and this is why more and more people turn to this energetic solution. Solar PV panels can come in various designs which can adapt to the individual needs of a particular building or venue. 

Solar Roofs and Roads 

Since the ecologists see the bright future of solar technology, those who do take care of the environment see PV installations as inseparable parts of their households. That is why solar technology has been recently integrated into building blocks of roofs and roads, to save people time and money. Not only do these solar integrations cut down on the bills and reduce toxic emissions, but they also bring about a higher property value. 

Solar and Electric Vehicles 

It is no surprise when people put on solar roofs and use solar roads that they turn to eco-friendly vehicles. Electric vehicles require charging of the cars by using any kind of power source which can transform energy into electricity. Some of the largest cities in the world even introduce electric buses into their public transport which can be charged at the starting stop before every ride. These electric vehicles can be supported by solar panels and they can power their commutes with 100% sunshine. Solar panels can be regarded even as an additional source of energy if the charging stations possess bidirectional capabilities. 

Floating Solar Farms 

This kind of solar farm does not need real estate or solid ground to work. Their installation is much cheaper than the installation of land-based solar farms. When it comes to efficiency, their power production is 10% larger due to the cooling effect of the water. Water itself takes care of the cleanness of the solar panels and brings the energy waste to the minimum. Additionally, they support water management. The water evaporation decreases as the solar farms block air circulation and sunlight, plus the solar farms prevent the emergence of destructive algae on the water surface. 

Solar Clothes 

The solar fabric for clothes is still being produced, and the main idea is to include solar power into every single fiber. Your clothes should provide you with enough energy to warm yourself on freezing days, charge your phone whenever you want, and fulfill all your needs while you are on the go.