The Life and Times of Young Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish girl who has become famous for public strikes against climate change. In order to draw public attention to the problems of global warming, pollution, and other environmental issues, in 2018 Greta protested in front of the Swedish parliament by holding a sign ‘School Strike for Climate’. In that way, she requested the Swedish government to take action in reducing toxic carbon dioxide emissions. She started with a school protest in front of the parliament and refused to go to school for three weeks until she got some attention from the Swedish politicians. It is not surprising that she has been called the Joan of Arc of climate change.

Joan of Arc of Climate change

That was the point when she started a global movement fighting global climate change. After having protested at the parliament, she posted a photo of herself holding the sign on her social media accounts and she was supported by many other activists and followers the next day. Since Greta is fluent in English, people from all over the world followed her posts and tweets. She inspired numerous students across the world to take part in strikes concerning global warming issues, by organizing public speeches, supporting other youngsters who are protesting, and gathering followers on social media. Fridays do not have the same meaning anymore – Greta named her Friday strikes ‘FridaysForFuture’.

UN Session in 2019

In 2019, Greta participated in the UN plenary session at United Nations Climate Change Conference, where she held a speech. In her speech, she described world leaders as not mature enough to tell the truth about global environmental issues. Furthermore, in 2019, she took part in the World Economic Forum, where she bluntly reported that ‘our house is on fire” In that way, she wanted to address British, French, and other European parliaments, the right-wing members of which boycotted Greta. The only public support she got from the people in power is from Pope Francis, who thanked her and gave her encouragement to continue.

Greta is unstoppable 

Greta’s activism didn’t prevent her from attending and graduating from high school. She graduated from lower secondary school with all the good grades. In 2019, she took a year off before entering college in order to travel the world and to meet people who take similar global warming actions as her. The first stop was the USA, and her trip to the USA was fascinating. Greta sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in an 18m racing yacht Malizia II using solar panels and underwater turbines. The voyage across the Atlantic Ocean took 14 days.

Coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop Greta from addressing global causes, although she also directed her actions onto the Internet. In September 2020, Greta stood up for Indian students and their national exams, stating that it is unfair to students to take the exams during the global pandemic and after the devastating floods. Later, in 2021, she publicly claimed that the food production system needs a change and plants and animals need more protection due to COVID19. This young lady has received numerous awards for her activism and work.