The Truth Behind Climate Change: YouTube Channels to Keep You Informed

The catastrophes and natural disasters which have been becoming more and more frequent all over the world alarm us to pay more attention to global environmental issues. It is clear that we as people pay our debts and mistakes we did to nature and the environment. However, the official mass media somehow do not focus on this kind of issue, and the public stays deprived of more information on global environmental problems. If you belong to a group of people who want to hear more on this topic and to stay updated all the time, these are the YouTube channels we recommend that can broaden your view and perspective on climate change, global warming, pollution, etc.

NASA Climate Change

This channel is maintained by the world’s leading climate change agency. It is a lavish resource of accurate and timely news, as well as information about the Earth’s climate change. Since NASA uses the latest technology to gather data on climate change and global issues, you can enjoy its unique visualizations and updates on this matter. On this channel, you can check out interesting videos like the stages on global warming 1880 – 2021, the ocean imprints in terms of small-scale air-sea interactions and ocean-weather-climate connections, Antarctic and Greenland ice mass loss, and many others. The videos are available in two languages, English and Spanish.

Climate Town

This channel uses a humoristic and satirical way to present the global issues on the environment. The creators of the channel combine comedy and scientific facts to explain these big issues, as well as to suggest the necessary actions to overcome them.. In their videos, they compare fast fashion to hot garbage, they talk about the insane lies about the Texas blackouts and describe plastic recycling as an actual scam.

Global Weirding

The creator of Global Weirding, Katharine Hayhoe, uses cartoons to break down the issues on climate change to the basics. She introduces us to her channel with a little problem of ‘a few degrees higher’ which can actually have devastating effects on the whole planet. It seems that Hayhoe wants to address viewers of all ages, even children, and to educate people on how little details, at first sight, can actually turn to global problems when combined from all sides of the world.

Our Changing Climate

This YouTube channel explains how simple everyday actions lead to climate change and help us become conscious of our responsibility. The channel may seem cruelly honest and is pretty critical to our everyday habits and routines. They explain how online shopping causes carbon footprint, how Ecosia works as an eco-friendly search engine, and break down the dilemma of whether veganism can really slow down climate change. It can be noticed that this channel is an open criticism of capitalism as such.

Climate Adam

Here comes a true scientist to discuss climate change on YouTube. Dr. Adam Levy has a Ph.D. in atmospheric physics from the University of Oxford and approaches global issues from a scientific point of view. Apart from using physics to support his videos, Adam also refers to the psychological occurrence of people who rather choose not to take any action to avoid more natural disasters.