Unraveling All the Secrets of Google’s Worldwide Success

Google came into existence in 1995 as a university project of two friends, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They invented it as an attempt to determine the importance of certain pages of the World Wide Web. The initial idea was to organize information found on the Internet better and to make it accessible to anyone. On the other hand, there were other search engines that were used at the same time as Google, like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and others. Here are the reasons Google has stood out and why it is the most used search engine in the world. 

Speed and efficiency 

When you search certain keywords on Google, it provides you with results in less than 0.20 seconds. The technical infrastructure has gone through a lot of stages, and it makes Google the fastest search engine on the Internet. What also adds to the efficiency of Google is the constant updating of the search algorithms and the focus on users’ needs and satisfaction. 

The richness in results 

Once you search for a specific term or keywords, Google is there to offer you approximately 14 800 000 results. It is obvious that you won’t click on all of them, yet this number shows the creator’s intent to meet your needs and convinces you that the search is pretty thorough. What’s more, it stays updated on the topic and ranks the latest news and information at the top of the list so you can follow the turn of events chronologically and retrospectively. 

The simplicity of use 

Google adapted its interface so it is clear and focuses on the main points. It doesn’t burden you with banners and ads like some other search engines. The intent is to keep your focus on the issues you search, so you can find a solution without any stumbling rocks. 

The significance of results

Google goes into deep and reaches some databases and websites other search engines don’t. Again, thanks to its constant upgrading and improvement, the Google algorithms do the most sophisticated search. In addition, some categories can filter your searches, like pictures, news, videos, books, and many more. One of the latest features of Google is that it shows you results according to your geo-proximity, which places the results relevant to your location. 

The matching of results 

After you search for keywords, in other words, send in a query, Google will show the snippets of results where you can see to what degree the results match your query. This is the fastest way for you to recognize which points are relevant for your search, and which points are completely irrelevant even though they include your keywords. Therefore, it is important to define the query as specifically as possible. 

Additional products and services 

The Google Company hasn’t stopped developing search engines. There is a whole package of other services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Classroom, and many more. All of these features improve your online experience and alleviate your Internet surfing according to your specific needs. Additionally, all of the products and services are interconnected, so it simplifies the tasks you do even further.