Veganuary – the Silent Revolution Fighting the Climate Change

Veganism appeared as a new form of diet at the beginning of the third millennium, and today more and more people are becoming vegan since they see a lot of benefits. It is important not to confuse Veganism for Vegetarianism, although they share certain similarities. Vegetarianism refers to a diet that avoids any kind of meat, while Veganism stands for a plant-based diet avoiding any food of animal origin (meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.). Veganuary appeared as a non-profit organization that would encourage people to go on a vegan diet. The basic challenge is to get rid of all the animal products for an entire month, including food, cosmetics, clothes, and others. Here is the question which we will try to answer in the next few paragraphs: do vegans help climate change and how?

Containers and recycling

Animal products usually come in containers that are more complex to recycle once they are thrown away. Plant-based products mostly come in containers that are thankful for recycling or you simply have to grow them on your own in order to consume them. An individual cannot do much by changing their lifestyle, but if they inspire other people to do the same, they will definitely make less garbage on a global level. The garbage they throw away can be recycled, but only if they keep to the vegan diet during a longer period.

The production of food

Taking into consideration meat and dairy products, their production does have a damaging impact on the planet. Since the global need for beef does not stop, it has to be pointed out that beef accounts for climate change mostly. Cows produce methane, which is considered to have a more damaging effect than carbon-dioxide. Millions of cattle are bred on a daily basis, which only brings about accelerated toxic emissions from the industries. The figures show that meat and dairy products are to blame for 14,5% percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to FAO (UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization).

Experiments on animals and poaching

It is obvious that some animal species are on the verge of extinction. By avoiding cosmetics which are based on animal experiments and clothes which are made of original animal fur, vegans can help many species survive and maintain the circle of life. All the living beings are important to keep the life circle going and they need to stay in their natural habitat. If they change their habitat or become extinct, they will start a domino effect which will impact the human species at some point. Moreover, if they change their habitat, it will also have an impact on the flora world, so the human species will stay deprived even from some crucial plant breeds.